Biking Birthday Party Ideas

birthday girl blowing candles

Birthday celebrations are exciting. But Birthday biking parties bring much more fun!

Do you remember the days when we’re getting on bikes with our best friends?¬†With two wheels between you and the roadway, you had no location in mind, no due dates, and no worries. It was just you, your bike, and the wind on your face as you crossed your imaginary finish line.

Getting biking skills through generations is like an initiation rite. And now, it’s high time to share this joy with your own kids. Whether it’s a two-wheeler or the first balance bike, kids of any age can discover a riding to they enjoy while discovering the experience of every ride.

So, why not take this great Birthday idea and turn it into a fascinating biking party?


We picked a big, beautiful community park for the party. We picked the park that we don’t normally go to because we wanted to avoid encountering buddies from our community who weren’t welcomed to the party.


We notified our visitors it was a bike party, so they all got their bikes to the park. Huge kids rode their own bikes. Youngsters rode on bike seats or in trailers. Some of the little ones rode their tricycles. Now that I’m looking at the pictures once again, I believe a few of them were so little they needed their moms and dads to press their tricycles.

family riding bikes in park

Bike Parade

By the time everyone got here, there were so many bikes all over the park that we chose to have a bike parade. All the kids gotten on their bikes and lined up in a row. The host stated something sweet and fatherly about how proud he was of kids’ biking and how he hoped everybody would have a fantastic parade. Then he blew his whistle and the whole gang rode onto a neighboring basketball court. It was a wheel-spinning, riding in circles, bell-dinging, hand waving, giggling, some-kind-of-wonderful parade.

For older kids excited to show off their well-honed bike managing skills, attempt producing a challenge course for them to weave in and out of. Bike races are likewise a possibility. However, I find the less competition at parties, the fewer tears.


Keep it easy. Pizza appears to taste extra delicious when it’s provided by a bike trailer. Bowls of fresh berries or hummus and pita are likewise tasty and portable deals with.

Carrying iced cupcakes in a bike trailer seemed unpleasant. So we brought un-iced cupcakes in one container, icing in another, and the kids embellished their own cupcakes when they were ready to eat them. Now that’s an easy craft!

Stuff Bags

When the kids started getting lots of birthday invites, our group of pals made a pact to not offer each other’s kids landfill stuff bags. Instead of plastic crap, some parents give one book. Some offer seeds for the children to take home and plant. Some offer one unique toy. A bike bell or a bike light would be a fantastic takeaway from a biking celebration.

boy riding bike in helmet

5 Amazing Bicycle Birthday Gift Ideas

  • Kids enjoy bicycle bells. They add bling to their bikes and joy to their trips. More crucial, a bell can be used to alert other bike-path users, like runners and dog-walkers, or to get the attention of mom or dad. But a bell has to do more than sound in order for a kid to get excited about it. It also has to look cool. You can find these bike bells in all sorts of enjoyable patterns and colors that kids love. A flexible installing strap accommodates all standard handlebar sizes.
  • Solid slip-on, full-fingered gloves that are filled with functions is a must-have tool. Thick cushioning assists safety to avoid pavement or rocks crush. They are usually stretchy and breathable for better mobility, and reinforced fingertips help avoid splits in the seams.
  • Every kid has never ever been able to avoid slamming a shin or a knee. It’s a rite of passage. That’s why polyethylene plastic and foam knee/shin guards are needed that are light, inexpensive, and comfy – and might possibly save the riding day.
  • Kids essentially need help to get up and move throughout the day – preferably at least 60 minutes of everyday activity. Bracelet tracker records actions through daytime and administers virtual badges for obstacles, and some of them are even water-resistant. Similarly, a good night’s sleep is a must – the gadget tracks sleep patterns and has a quiet alarm to gently buzz your kid awake. It’s compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices, lasts up to 5 days on one charge and has adjustable parental controls. And kids can choose their own avatar and cover image.
  • Sturdy biking helmets are made with an ABS external shell and have an inner foam lining for convenience. It comes with an adjustable chin strap and a double fit system in the back. A wide range of styles gives you a chance to be creative and super trendy.

Final Thoughts

With these Birthday tips, you can be sure to host a Birthday party that will get those wheels turning and add enthusiasm for a healthy and exciting hobby.

Get inspired with these ideas to prepare the most exciting biking party for your kids and their buddies!