7 Stunning Games to Improve Your Biking Skills

bicycle games

In order to improve your biking skills as well as an extra idea for kids’ activities, you can offer some sports games riding a bicycle. They are also perfect as biking party games. There are a lot of educational cycling games: bast shoes, catch the ball, cycling ball, etc. Let us dwell on some of them in more detail.

Jumping on a bike

This game will allow you to learn how to overcome obstacles: rails, fallen trees, ditches, etc. It’s necessary to accelerate and jump over some obstacles (rope, pole, etc) tearing the bike off the ground. You can evaluate not only the height of the obstacle but also measure the distance of the jump (following the track from the tread).


The exercise is usually performed in two but you can use a larger number of participants. Bicycles are connected with a thin thread 1-2 m long. The task of cyclists is to ride a distance of 10-20 meters without breaking the thread.

Rearrange the item

To perform this exercise, you need a pin with a height of 30 cm. A circle with a diameter of 30 cm is drawn on the ground at a distance of 10 m from the pin. You need to take the pin with one hand on the move, shift it to the other hand and put it in a circle. The task is considered to be unfulfilled when the cyclist touches the ground and drops the pin.

Bicycle football

Players are divided into 2 teams of 4-5 participants. A goal should be set, usually without a goalkeeper. The task of the players is to score the ball into the goal. The players are trying to prevent the opponent from riding through and make him touch the ground losing his balance. Touching the ground with the foot is punished in the form of a free-kick, as well as grabbing an opponent with a hand.

Bike skiing

Competitors must pass between racks or flags set at a distance of 1-1.5 m. You can use not only a flat area but also a hillside. In the latter case, the distance between the towers should increase with the speed of the biker. The winner is the one who will pass the track faster.

Move the ring

To play this game you will need two racks 160-170 cm long and a ring. Between racks the distance is 5-10 m. It’s necessary to ride a bicycle to the rack, with one hand remove the ring and hang it on the bracket of the other rack.

Move water in a glass

The cyclist must carry with one hand a mug or glass of water filled to the brim, for example, at a distance of 20 m. The achievement of the opponent can be estimated by the amount of water remaining in the glass. If a team participates in the game, then you can put a large capacity, for instance, a 2-liter bowl. The team wins when eventually fills the capacity faster.